03 January 2011

yeah, that's the ticket...

[click image]


Maybe I shoulda saved Agent Smith's virus speech for this post?


And bees....

love, 99


  1. no viru, no seed, no firework er storms u don't need, microwaved energy is a bad ass weed.

    I had a dream about crystals though.
    They were in space, in a space, in a space; know where I mean?

    My theory on the birds?
    Meanwhile back in space.

    The solar panels, give the juice, to the crystal which broadcasts the beam which round size and destruction is determined by the frequency and modulation.

    If it could be aimed at something safe (like a receiving antenna), it could solve the energy crisis, but if it's aimed at rooftops, um, or birds, we're tomorrows toast.

    The Fish.
    I think is something different.
    Water samples yet?

    Hope everyone is doing better than me. I feel like crap.

  2. Hope everyone is doing better than me. I feel like crap.

    That's cause they turned the crap back on again.

  3. I had a pretty bad day yesterday, myself. Complete bungling wreck with the whirlies. Made me anxious and paranoid and, for the billionth time, desperate to know what causes this shit.


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