18 January 2011

oh good oh good oh good

[click image, video, one hour]


I have been obsessively checking my YouTube subscriptions for something elevatingly Out There to concentrate on, but it's mostly been total blather being uploaded for the past few days. Blather can be fine if there is some redeeming value contained in the discussion, but, well, it's been darn scarce and I so have been checking.

I love thinking about Klaus Dona's stuff. I don't know if he's bullshitting us, or partially bullshitting and partially not, but thinking about the stuff he brings up is a mind opening sort of entertainment at the very least. So, after having given up and set myself about scrounging up for you the link after link after link of psychedelic news below, I am rewarded with a nice relaxing listen.


Welly, welly, welly, bonus points....

love, 99

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