07 January 2011

probably why people mistake me for a progressive

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I don't have a problem with this, but one: the enlightenment of the leadership. If it were not sociopaths from start to finish, democracy ought to be abolished. It sucks. Humans can't hang with it. Sociopaths—and progressives are among them—at the head of the line—unerringly turn it to their advantage and our pain. The way to move forward is NOT to have everyone in on the deal, and NOT to have a squillion rules and regulations, and NOT to keep letting this world turn into Haves and Have Nots, whether or not the Have Nots are provided for in government.

The population definitely needs drastic reducing immediately, but that doesn't mean killing and starving people. It just means lowering the birth rate to almost nil, and then never letting it get out of hand again. It means money and monetary systems are abolished, everything aimed at optimizing the wisdom, knowledge and health of all people... and cleaning up our home.

I've been consistent in this since childhood. It was immediately perfect as it formed in my mind and nothing has shaved even a quark from it in all the years I've been alive. In fact, everywhere I turn stand proofs of its perfection.

love, 99

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