07 January 2011

an unfortunately too predictable progression

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Seems someone over to The Nation is "live blogging" Wikileaks, trying to keep up with the increasingly diffuse and increasingly dissident—meaning, yes, less MSM—coverage of the cables. The psychopathic government response to the release has served its purpose. Just as we see it using its carrot and stick—status and torture—tactics on countries all over the world, it is doing that to what media outlets wish to remain relatively unimpeded by sudden pecuniary embarrassments, thugs, torturers and assassins, those who wish to maintain contracts with advertisers, those who wish to stay in business. So those less inured to a doomed mindset are having to step up to the plate.

The media partners chosen to help with the Cablegate release have lost sight of how it is the corporations and governments who depend on their good offices, not the other way around, as have most of the people on earth. It's that flashing of images to create global unease doing this, and it is succeeding beautifully. I am very grateful for the existence of people like Jacob Appelbaum [anyone with any heart and decency would read the entire piece and see him for the bodhisattva he is] and, of course, Julian Assange, who do have their work cut out for them to burst the old-think and the viciousness of those in the grip of existential terror to herald in a social climate wherein SANITY and POSITIVE MANIFESTATION may lift our prospects instead of keep slamming them to the pavement, to the dank and cold cement of our cell walls.

Of particular note today is a press release from Washington:
The State Department has warned hundreds of human-rights activists, foreign government officials and businesspeople identified in leaked diplomatic cables of potential threats to their safety and moved a handful to safer locations, administration officials said Thursday.
These three classes of people, contrary to the sound of the words used to designate them, are heavily engaged in the business of enslaving the entire population of this planet from their various outposts across the globe. So. We could expect the State Department to be concerned for their well-being. You'll pardon me, I'm sure, if my interest in their general state of health, except in some cases, is about zero.

Every single day we see people cutting themselves from the opposition and trying to seem more in accord with the sociopaths. This will get worse. I don't know if it will get better. And it isn't just at the macro scale either. It's going to be happening on a one-to-one level more and more. People you think are friends will be dropping off, or much worse, turning you in. Watch out if your neighbor doesn't like the cut of your gib.

I'm not being colorful. It's on. Fascism is outright no goddam fun at all.

love, 99

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