05 January 2011


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A friendly reminder of the cost of spectator sports.

love, 99


  1. Thanks for the update I have a wild bees near my garden and before they moved in a few years ago pollation was pretty bad.

    I was hoping to get my pension next yr but after seeing what's been going on in Europe, I'm sure they will be doing everything they can to get SS and pension money so they can keep their life styles and the wars going.

    Off topic but this a sport I watch I have time and here's some news from it today.


  2. Well, I meant treating the world as a spectator sport, but I must say that ONLY DEAF PEOPLE can watch F1 and remain undamaged, and I have always admired how Russia backs its athletes and artists on the international stage. It seems friendly to me. I don't think they view it as quite the pissing contest we do. I think they do it to engage with the world... even back in Soviet times.

    As for SS and pensions. They've already hit them pretty damn hard and will be hitting harder... unless they're stopped....


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