02 January 2011

yes, whut do they want this information for?

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I can't think of any use to which it could be put by good guys. I fail to see how it makes us more secure or how it contributes to amity among nations. I can, on the other hand, see clearly how it would create the ability to force government officials to do whatever the bearer of such information wants, and how it could keep good puppets from political threat. I don't think you should fool yourself this behavior is limited to foreign governments and candidates. If you have this information on people, you can frame them for dastardly deeds with impunity. You have total control.

love, 99


  1. I do so agree, of course, but I can also see how it is fitting it should be thus, since no one bothers to stop them, since no one is willing to risk themselves, even in the face of certain doom, to stop them. Most humans indeed keep their back turned on the monster, preferring to just be eaten when they're eaten than to invite the pain a moment sooner in resistance. You and I do it all the time. I go off to rest my brain in fluff or in beauty. You listen to music. We are very agreeably trying to hold it together for them to rip apart. Doesn't do any good to even resent it. The only thing that cuts it is stopping them. We're not doing that. So why wouldn't they go ahead and solve problems THEIR way? Nothing stopping them.

    Free will is a bitch, but people keep being very mixed up by the term "free". They associate it with "easy".

    Lethal error.


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