02 January 2011

the answer to life, the universe and everything is not 42

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As I was getting in bed last evening, at an hour reserved for persons of deep antiquity, I came across this and snapped it on for the chance that I might not do the sleeping I had devised for myself. I stayed awake for enough of it for the thought of posting it for you while there was more weekend left to cross my mind, but not long enough to accomplish it. I'm downloading it to my computer now, that I might thought experiment my way to enlightenment on it. It seems deeply silly, dealing with extremely consequential themes, presenting a determined wish for humanity to make that vital phase shift we all know is mandatory, and honestly is so absurd as to seem like a medicine show of the third millennium. That doesn't mean there isn't quite a lot of value to be gained from spending two hours on it, but it only doesn't mean that if you are willing to attend to this stuff without recreating your air identity anew on it. So, if yer digging the opportunities to reärrange the deck chairs on your Titanic, this is a sterling opportunity....

love, 99

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