22 February 2011

be afraid

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Or, better, don't have kids....
More researchers believe that violent tendencies have a biological basis and that tests and brain imaging can pick them up in children.

They argue that, by predicting which children have the potential to be trouble, treatments could be introduced to keep them on the straight and narrow. If the tests are accurate enough then a form of screening could be introduced in the same way we test for some diseases.

The theories were put forward by two leading criminologists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington.

love, 99


  1. Drugs! Drugs!
    Feed them Drugs!
    That's the ticket!

  2. Seems to be the drift.... I think we should lock some young breeders in a space pod and sterilize everyone left on the planet.

    Start over.

  3. Maybe a choice should be given?
    Drugs or a 25 cent bullet.

    Of course I am being sarcastic, because these health terrorists will simply use the DSM-IV-TR to fuck everyone that doesn't fit in their perfect (tm) box over.


    ps bb2 I added ya on the tubes....I think. ;o)

  4. Yup - I saw ya this morning!

  5. Oh, no, NOW what? Are TWO of you going to start server speak now?

  6. LMAO!

    YouTube channels....


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