22 February 2011

oh, be happy for a minute, will you?

[click image]


Relax the frown muscles and shake yer tush a bit, see how funny you sound to Italians....

love, 99


  1. LOL

    That always cracks me up!

  2. Hmmm...

    This morning they said it was snowing down to sea level up your way.

    Predicting snow in San Francisco tomorrow with heavy accumulations over 500 foot elevation for tomorrow through Friday.

  3. I'm in Fort Bragg right now. On my way back to Smith River in a little while. But I don't see anything like snow anywhere or any badtude on the weather map....

  4. Way so very weird....

    The snow was way up on the summits of the Coastal Range. So there were only some clods of snow by the side of the road in a few spots on the way home. BUT, knowing this, and seeing the Trinity Alps all white as heck, I ducked down the Newton P. Drury Scenic Parkway to stay down with the grandpas instead of using the fancy freeway bypass that goes way up the range again to spare the redwoods the intense exhaust problem in the summer. There are some spots up there that don't get any sun in the winter and if there was snow and ice up there last night, which there had to be, there'd still have been some there tonight.

    They told me at the grocery store it's supposed to snow again tomorrow.

    It musta come down pretty low last night because, even skipping the pass up here, I saw snow clods at only about 300 feet....


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