23 February 2011

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I remind you, or for those coming in new to it, some of us are practicing listening to people instead of just to our own opinions, instead of always listening only to what we already think. The way you approach listening to this is to drop your own notions and just listen to the guy as though you were an empty-headed dope and every word he's saying is gospel... while you're listening, and even maybe for an hour or so after you're done and contemplating what was said. After that you get to let your critical thinking and conditioned mind and personal preferences come back in and make whatever hash of it they might. The point of doing this is learning to give yourself a chance to hear and take in truth. You can do the same with reading, particularly with reading the inscrutable stuff from the ancients, but really anything, and especially difficult stuff. Just leave your own shit out of it. Just read it out loud to yourself for as many times as it takes to get the busybody in your head to just stop trying to make something of what has been said. THAT is when your true mind can hear what's being said. That's when you get out of jail and really begin seeing.

So. Just don't go thinking I'm some goony Tsarion acolyte or worshipper whose reason to blog is to further his stuff. That's just appallingly dense and a pretty lowlife take in general. Remember, our culture is being sunk to the depths of seaminess and it isn't only sleazebuckets who think that way anymore. This is ANOTHER pitfall of the orchestrated demise of your mental health, the suppression of our ability to think and see and act freely.

The good part about practicing this while listening, instead of reading, is how much easier it becomes to get the time for it. You can be getting caught up on your ironing or your car repairs or dusting or the dishes... whatever... while teaching yourself to clear the mental cloud and glimpse actual actuality. I like using Tsarion so much because I can tell that he has seen the crucial bit about "enlightenment" and so most of what he says, even when only speculation, will all be arcing toward our awakening.


An extremely lightly edited snippet from one of his posts:
Although the masters of the game may occasionally permit ordinary soft designer-rebelliousness, they are ever vigilant against the true hard form should it ever threaten to appear.

They are dangerous because there are so many of them. It is one thing to have a few nuts or dissidents. They can be dealt with, justly or otherwise, so that they do not pose a danger to the system. It is quite another situation when you have a true movement - millions of citizens believing something, particularly when the movement is made up of society’s average, successful citizens.
— William Colby (Late Director of CIA)

Where a majority are united by a common sentiment, and have an opportunity, the rights of the minor party become insecure. In a republican government the majority, if united, have always an opportunity. The only remedy is to enlarge the sphere" (that is, unite all the States under a federal government) "and thereby divide the community into so great a number of interests and parties that, in the first place, a majority will not be likely, at the same moment, to have a common interest separate from that of the whole, or of the minority; and, in the second place, that, in case they should have such an interest, they may not be so apt to unite in the pursuit of it.
— President James Madison (Elliot's Debates, Vol. 5)

That spirit of constructive resistance and rebellion was present in Mikhail Bakunin, William Blake, William Wallace, Che Guevara, and in the modern comedians Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce. It was found in Giordano Bruno and Soren Kierkegaard, in Ezra Pound, Ayn Rand, Wilhelm Reich and Jiddu Krishnamurti. It is the holy daemon about to possess many people in the world, many of whom would not at this moment consider themselves rebels with any cause. There are many sleeping heretics in the world and they are soon to be awakened. However, there are certain rules that come with the package and certain laws that the rational rebel must acknowledge and master. Authentic rebels know, for instance, that it is pointless and hypocritical to strive against external tyranny unless one has first combated their own inner repressive instincts and drives. The true rebel is not merely a rager against the machine or a campus malcontent. He is a student of oppression, repression, and slavery. He allows the forces he despises and opposes to be his best tutors and he observes these forces closely, in order to become minutely aware of their nature and behavior. He extrapolates and examines the anatomy of tyranny and comes to know cruelty, sadism, violence, injustice, and destruction intimately. The rebels who are going to matter, and who will possess the rational power to effect proactive change, are those who become “walking encyclopedias” of evil. There is not a nuance of it that eludes them.

Having walked through Hades, to emerge again, the Servant of Truth is supremely qualified to heal and revive the lost and ignorant people of the world. His power lies in his healthy attitude to the challenges of life, in his Spirit of Rebellion and Contradiction. His authority is a result of his psychological and attitudinal freedom, for it is this inner condition that exalts a man — even one whose body is bound in chains.
For however far-fetched you find much that he declares outright is so, I don't think there's a way to call this man "a crank". He is utterly genuine and a superb source for anyone who wants to shake out his or her knotted and dusty brain.

You begin to see how stuff that has been injected into your consciousness—since before you even knew to try to protect it from filling with balderdash—can be flat wrong—horrifically easily—and you also notice that past, present and future can take on whole new more workable forms. You don't have to swallow a word Michael Tsarion says, and yet listening to him in this special thought experimenting way can revolutionize thinking itself... more!

But... obviously... only if you're someone who truly will do the work to wake up.

love, 99



    But... obviously... only if you're someone who truly will do the work to wake up.


  2. Thank you. Thank you for acknowledging that.


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