05 February 2011

clear as mud again

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If yer freakin' about not ever being able to tell what the hell is going on in this brilliant "Information Age", don't worry, because that's why we have it to begin with. You're right where you're supposed to be.

I don't know if Mubarak's son resigning from the party will appease the real forces lined up against him.

I do not know what the fuck is up with yet another Barackhenaten underling going public with opinions not sanctioned by the White House. That action can't be accidental either. If it's just to keep it muddy, well, bravo. Well done.

Fewer people holding the square. More peaceful today, but still occasional short flare-ups to keep anxiety at the appropriate level. Egyptian government insists the pipeline explosion this morning was NOT sabotage.

Maybe that's all to report for today, and we can just content ourselves contemplating if there could be anything real in the notion of China breaking the back of American fascism without firing a shot....

love, 99

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