05 February 2011

alex being as clear as possible about his opposition to the agw theory

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I maintain that we have no real way of knowing, but it helps to understand the motivation of people who are fighting all the clean freak elite tooth and nail. Knowing as I do that "they" do this nefarious stuff to keep us hypnotized and enslaved, I can't even accuse Alex of paranoia.

Just remember that it's mooted as a mind game only when you stop playing.

And there is NO cost to stopping because we are NOT doing what it would take anyway. Not only are we not doing it, but there is NO way to begin doing it so long as the status quo holds sway. So do yourself and your brothers and sisters a favor. Quit playing.

love, 99

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  1. Yellowstone's fixin' to blow. That will release so much carbon it won't matter what humans do.


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