04 February 2011

closer to the truth

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I have noticed some troubling inconsistencies in the al Jazeera coverage, and, as you know, have been complaining about the precipitous drop in the veracity meter in general there over the last year or so. Webster Tarpley seems to think it's a puppet of British Intelligence. I don't know, and we have all seen that Webster is not infallible, but we've also got all kinds of reason to respect his demonstrated level of expertise over the years. So I heavily recommend you listen to this.

And it's NOT just me and Webster saying this....

love, 99


  1. yes the middle east noticed it about 5yrs ago, that's about the time gwb 2 sent his man from npr to them to change how they did the news. Still better than anything else but it has been taken over. You wouldn't want the truth would you? Sorry the links I had are long gone but it did happen. Oh it must really catch the elites off guard that the little people aren't giving up. If Amerika wakes up there will be hell to pay, that if and it's a BiG If.

  2. It bothers me that I have awakened to this stuff, but it still manages to make me very, very drowsy too much of the time. I get caught up in it and my awakeness struggles to swim up out of the soporific droning, a gnat in a bowl of warm milk... even as I'm writing the truth and bellowing it, it is trying to shake off the weight of the sleeping powder.

    HOW can I expect others to get over this if it is THIS difficult for me still?

    I feel like I need a vitamin B shot or some speed... SOMETHING.

  3. Nothing really helps other than the truth and it will only set a few free while the rest work on as mindless serfs for the empire.

  4. Entirely too true. I must need to burn this fix-it gene all the way out of my DNA the hard way. Holding still when I think there's something to be done about trouble is going to kill me or cure me. Even as I know the truth all the time, I spend ENTIRELY too much time forgetting that I know it, EVEN as I'm saying it. I'm trying to think of some drastic measure to knock this plaque off my brain for good. A cast iron pan comes to mind.

  5. I was lazy in expressing that!

    It can NEVER be too true that truth is the only help.

    But you know what I mean.

  6. And Speaking of the fuckin truth...


    Event Links:



    In independent testing, residents of the Gulf Coast are testing positive for chemicals associated with the Gulf Oil Disaster. Seafood is showing high levels of cancer-causing hydrocarbons and other substances . What does this mean for all of us along the Coast?

    Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster (stopgulfoildisaster.org) is presenting the first in a series of forums called Truth-Out for the Gulf, focused on how the Deepwater Disaster is affecting our health and daily life. There will be other forums during 2011. If you have information to share, please contact us.

    Saturday, February 5th, 2011 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m
    First Unitarian Universalist Church
    5212 S. Claiborne
    New Orleans LA 70115

    Principle Speaker:

    * Dr. Wilma Subra, Louisiana physiological biochemist interviewed in the award-winning documentary “Gasland”, will report on her recent tests results on the Gulf Coast. She is founder and president of the Subra Company of New Iberia. Her videos are accessible on YouTube under her name.

    Forum participants:

    * Cherri Foytlin – Co-founder, Gulf Change, based in Grand Isle, Louisiana
    * Dennis Rednour – Resident, Longbeach, Mississippi
    * C.J. Troxler – Unemployed Shrimper, Lousiana Shrimpers’ Association
    * Robin Young – Guardians

    Sorry, I do care about Egypt, but this shit started here first, and I do have friends in southern states! Time to Expose the truth. I hope! ~p

  7. PS: I'll keep banging this drum until I am dead. ~p

  8. Yes, and they will keep banging it until they're dead, and BUBKES will be done about it. They've already been x'd off the rolls. Obviously.

  9. You know what self fulfilling prophesies are. Go ahead dis my post. Fuck it 99 I won't bother coming here anymore. Is that what you want? Here's the deal. Since I can't control myself, what I will have to do is block YOUR websites so I don't post on them. There is no other way, because if you ban me, then I just come in on a proxy with a fake ass name. You have to tell me go away. And then I will respect it only by adding an iptables / squid rule.

    Maybe we are mis communicating here but your response really pisses me off.

    Watch the fucking thing if you feel like it then. Or delete my fucking post so I don't have to get more angry.

    I got to tell ya 99, I'm starting to hate this entire fucking planet. That's not good, but it's where I am at. And I ain't saying my own shit don't stink.


  10. Among the list of the blocked to date.


    will you be next?

  11. I forgot a few...


    Yeah, I no longer get their shit.
    Or at least can't post. Want my accounts? I have legit accounts at all of them. Go tear them a new asshole on my Karma.

    With the new cyberbullshit and the spying and the IPV4 running out and bla fuckty bla, I really am ready to pull the fucking plug.

  12. http://sacxtra.com/image/bp2.png

  13. flashback:

  14. Listen, Phil. LISTEN. My response to you above was meant to convey that THE GOVERNMENT HAS ALREADY FORGOTTEN THEM. I wasn't even REMOTELY dissing you. I just HATE how you get all wound up and FORGET what you know about those with whom you are communicating. If you want to block yourself from coming here, go right ahead, but DO NOT run off thinking I'M being the asshole. You admitted yesterday that you are on a the biggest bender of your life. Maybe you ought to just STOP your bender now and come back when you're not all the way 'round the bend with spirit poison....

  15. And my post was meant to convey that the government needs a fresh fucking reminder. I'm wound up, that's true. When you (not you personallY) traumatize motherfuckers for years, what the fuck do you expect to come back?

    I admitted yesterday I was on hella drunk. I was, I thought I was dead. but understand, the fog of this shit is causing me to question everything.

    Challenge EVERYHING.

    I challenged you if you were being an asshole, your not, it's mis-communication, nothing more. No need to give bait to the government psychiatrists to come at me with DMS-IV-TR. I will end either their life or my own when that plays out.

  16. An apology on my behalf is necessary.

    I'm sorry again.


  17. Regardless if you forgive me for the moment...

    I wonder more about distribution of food which might come from the gulf. (on top of monetary system failure making food only equal to precious metals.) Sit on plates somewhere with dead fish? And the codex saying fluoride is good for health food. While health supliments are toxic. Pissed on the southern coast listening to us say what the fuck is a codex? jesus tits. And now we need to be educated about oil, flouride, mtbe's, and radioactive crap like Chromium in water on the west coast? Give me a fucking break.

  18. I know, vexing as hell. Drives me right 'round the bend too. I WANT TO MOVE TO ONE OF THOSE NEW PLANETS THEY'VE FOUND OUT THERE! You know I'm not kidding....

  19. How many cars recently removed in the canal drinking water supply to LA?
    And how much will the health cost be when folks die from it every time an idiot dumps a car.

    Time to make car's free.
    Fess up the technology and secrets your hiding.

    We gotta dig a new canal or clean that fucker. Make driving your car in there a fuckin act of god. I want LA to have the clean water from Folsom if it can be true, but man, polluting it along the way isn't acceptable, in fact I rather it be cut off temp until cleaned up, I mean damn that's gas in the water.. I can't belive how many cars in that canal they got. Maybe not a thousand, only what 600 miles or something. Dumping a car into the water supply has to be made into an unworthy crime. I have now seen DHS tests of things, and they ask about security, but the reality is they don't obey the constitution, and anyone seriously needing to report a real terrorist attack, won't be calling DHS (Which opposes the U.S. Constitution and MUST BE DE-ACTIVATED NOW) anytime soon. I sure the fuck wouldn't call them. I'd probably drive to an airbase. And so be it after that, but at least I tried, cause I know the right people to try to find. "Which way to base ops?" ahem.
    FUck the DHS.


    I'm there.

  20. I haven't seen a threat.

  21. So I am not headed for a base.

  22. playing their war games with marijuana farmers on dams, that's retarded. How about paying attention to idiots dumping cars in the water supply for real?

    Anyway, time for me to shut up.

  23. In this recent search for the missing kid and his kidnapper they pulled 14 cars and a motorcycle out of a two mile section of the canal.

    I saw an article talking of a time several years ago when they shut down the waterflow for repairs and pulled out 150 some cars and trucks!

  24. We voted DOWN that canal every single time and they built it anyway! Every single one of us should be dumping cars in it, and our bed pans....


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