04 February 2011

someone has managed to cobble it together

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So, in a fit of ennui, I am listening to old Alan right now. Something more than thirty years ago, I spent my whole two weeks of vacation housesitting for some friends who lived in the attic apartment of a huge victorian mansion in a very quiet corner of San Rafael, California. They had a pet hermit crab who needed attending to. It was a splendid two weeks, except for spending most of it believing the hermit crab had died instead of merely molted. As I recall it was in the midst of one of the spells where my living situation had blown up in my face and I was camping back at my parents' place while finding another suitable arrangement. So I was greatly relieved to have my solitude back and an elegant escape from the attentions of suitors as well. I could loll on the most comfortable couch and listen to Alan Watts lectures coming over the radio. This I did.

The other radically cool part of this time was the discovery of Manx cats. There was a Manx living downstairs. He rocked.

I also wrote my first book in the window seat of that flat.

It was very girlish.

love, 99

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