18 February 2011

does it strike you as odd

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How many politicians are retiring lately?
Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M. ... is the third Democrat and sixth member of the Senate to decide to step aside at the end of their current terms.

The others are Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Jim Webb of Virginia; Republicans Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona; and independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.
I, of course, think they should all retire yesterday, but... well... you know....

love, 99


  1. Yeah, well, I'm staying with a guy who says he's made 45% return on his stock market money in the last three years and anyone in gold and silver is a chump. I told him they'll yank his stock market money and the 45% right out from under him at will, and he says, "Same for gold. Same for silver." All you can do is play the game until it stops.

    I said, don't play... that's a good alternative....

  2. right. how do you pay for housing, food, gas, cancer sticks...you don't play, never ever never. Are you trying to scull fuck me to death? Good God.

    I'll stick with MK ultra. "Better to live on your feet, than die on your knees."

  3. http://2helenahandbaskets.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/demc-rats-from-sinking-ship.JPG1.jpeg

  4. Sam, whaddabout making things and selling them, or growing them and selling them, or being a gardener or a pot scrubber... if you have to be capitalist, and, yes, at this point one does...? Playing the stock market and commodities market and even the metals market and the housing market is all making and breaking each other, ruining it for everyone. At LEAST where it's just basic goods and services there aren't bubbles and bloodsuckers and kleptocrats making THAT impossible for half the world. It's ALL a fucking figment and not, in the fundamentally true kind of actuality, necessary.

    That cartoon rocks, Dave.

  5. The other thing that's going on is insider stocks sales for the last few months is off the charts, even ws/ceo are dumping stock. It looks like the you better have a garden and some cash on hand soon.

  6. Yep. Billy, my friend who I'm visiting right now, just dumped his Apple stock because eight hedge funds got out in a big way. He's following them around. I did warn him they were going to lead him off a cliff, but he has too much fun counting his money while there's any to count. He figures he will be dead before this hurts very much....

    I guess at a certain age most people throw up their hands and take that view, the shit happens view....


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