07 February 2011

a good death

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One of my heroes went out with a bang yesterday. He picked a nice setting for a heart attack. Agent BB2 has made a playlist so we can contemplate our loss. Damn. He probably had the definitive album still in him when he checked out. I suppose it's too much to hope that he might fill the cosmos with it now instead....


You know... it just hit me that some astonishing number of my heroes were born in Belfast.... Do you think I better get there before any more of them slip away?


I ended up making a playlist too, because BB2 is always more forgiving of the vicissitudes of live performances than I am, and I like listening to the produced stuff along with the better live performances....

Many nights I fall asleep listening to a playlist low, and I think this one's going to be it tonight... well... maybe when I get up... maybe I'd rather it were playing low while I'm agape at the perfidies of the day, sipping my coffee, feeling my life crashing up against the impossible and groping madly for it as I'm sucked down the tubes of hell....

Yes. I'll listen again to it then.

love, 99

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