07 February 2011

yes, i really do hate that funhouse mirror image

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I know he didn't mean for me to take it that way, but—he really IS a funhouse mirror image of a human, aka SPACE LIZARD.
Oddly, not a single journalist raised this extraordinary connection with US government officials — nor the blatant conflict of interest it appears to represent.

Mr Wisner is a retired State Department 36-year career diplomat – he served as US ambassador to Egypt, Zambia, the Philippines and India under eight American presidents. In other words, he was not a political appointee. But it is inconceivable Hillary Clinton did not know of his employment by a company that works for the very dictator which Mr Wisner now defends in the face of a massive democratic opposition in Egypt.

So why on earth was he sent to talk to Mubarak, who is in effect a client of Mr Wisner's current employers?
Fuck. No matter how devious he is, he can NEVER out-devious Hillary. And this is what people call "presidential" in 2011. How mindfucked are you to even consider it?


I suppose I could as well put this under Harman's post below, but Glenn Greenwald is saying it in the Egyptian Corruption vs. American Corruption column, so I will too:
How many American politicians with a national platform over the last thirty years have failed to convert their political standing into great personal wealth? Perhaps only those who began their political careers with great wealth. Ex-Presidents and their wives and top aides are routinely lavished with many millions of dollars from media companies and other corporations for books, speeches and other services (Obama didn't even wait to become President to capitalize on his political celebrity), while a large portion of ex-members of Congress and administration officials with any real power feed at the trough of corporate largesse in exchange for peddling their influence. It would literally be impossible to list all the top officials from both parties who have quickly converted their political influence into vast personal wealth over the past two decades; it'd be much quicker to list the few who haven't.

And that's to say nothing of the virtually limitless political power automatically wielded by those with great private wealth, who own America's government institutions and literally write most of its laws.
Kablammy, and to think he's dulled by dengue fever!

love, 99

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  1. I was kind of pissed off to learn last night that Zahi Hawass who heads the "Ministry of Antiquities"

    Is the number three guy under Mubarak. I can't confirm it, but I wasn't happy to hear that piece of inconvenient information.

    I thought he was the curator of Egyptian antiquities and that being the end of it.

    After all, I've heard him for years with Art Bell, George Noory on Coasttocoastam.

    I started poking around. (After figuring out how to spell his name correctly) While I can't actually find out if part of his past time is torture, Maybe the guest on C2C was wrong? I did find a few photos in the photo blog confirming he's definitely a protected man at this point.


    Oh fuck it just visit the site.

    While the Sphinx is Sad indeed, this should give pause for thought. The only good news I guess, is I don't hear pro-democracy protestors screaming Zahi must step down.

    This brings up a lot of interesting dilemmas. I know the US is now using it's muscle to try to slow the change so a new puppet government can take it's place which supports the war machine interests. But I find myself with foot in mouth after saying, the whole governmemnt under Mubarak must be cleaned out, or they will re-emerge as enhanced hardline, with the play book refined with the nastiest dirty tricks.

    There are some really nasty realities here.

    Yet at the same time, I find myself more worried about my own country, and it's equally fucked up state. Is today Patriot Act Sneak Renewal Day?

    Motherfuckers. ~p


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