07 February 2011

that reminds me

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I set us all to setting our hearts on Julian's release last night, resolving to get in bed with the determination to dream of this, even, and then got in bed and picked up a magazine to combat the alertness trying to poke through my drowsiness. I was reading some blather about the relative merits of a couple of maverick Muslim scholars when I dropped into dreamland and kept being annoyed by the vision of some Muslim official somewhere lying very charmingly to some parliament or other. He was kind of handsome. He was doing an Obama. I kept being so angry about it that it would wake me back up, pissed off, and then I'd sink right back into it. I don't think it was a dream. I think it's happened or is happening or will happen and I was seeing it, but so unwilling that this is all I can say about it.

So I got up this "morning" chuffed and puffed and cranky as anything over not having gotten to the part where I invoked the good dream for Assange... but... after thinking about it a while, I'm now much more pissed off even that I was so obtuse about noting the precise specs of this Muslim politician I saw.

Never mind. JULIAN. We must concentrate on this ending tomorrow. We must concentrate on freeing a truthteller.

love, 99


  1. I got a PO Box yesterday. I was told that my drivers license wasn't a valid proof of address, the lady asked for mail or a bill at my address. I don't have bills(OTG), all I really get is netflix. I laughed out loud. She looked confused. A credit card is not a valid form of secondary ID even if you produce a DL with the same name. A library card is valid secondary ID. LOL. Plastic Majic.

  2. I had the same problem when I went to deposit my first pay check in California.

    I wasn't even taking money out - just wanted to start a bank account with a $350 check to deposit into it.

    I went to about 5 different banks before I could find one that would open an account for me.

  3. Order something delivered by Fed Ex or UPS... or show them something from the Assessor's office... renters have to get authorization notes from their landlords.

    You can't deposit checks endorsed over to you by someone else anymore either. You can't deposit money into someone else's account either. You can't cash a check written to you at the bank it was drawn on without giving them your fingerprint either.

    All you can do is PAY, but ONLY how they tell you.

    But, yet, "this is a democracy."


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