07 February 2011

what a pansy

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It has been louder, harder, harsher, outright psychotic in the redwoods for 25 years—more, but at the psycho pitch for 25.
Mark Harper, the Conservative MP for The Forest of Dean, was attacked by protesters as he exited a public meeting where he had been defending the Government's plans for a forestry sell-off.

He was pelted with eggs by protesters who also attacked the police van to try to prevent him leaving.

Mr Harper accused a number of objectors of being "bent on violence" and likened them to a "baying mob".
This guy ain't seen nuthin' yet. If you want to cut down a redwood tree nowadays, you have to be willing to endure major flak—grateful when it's only eggs—from mobs first.

Unfortunately—and against all reason—there are people willing to endure that to get at the wood. When I tell you that the difference between us and them is that they have the will, believe me, I know what I'm talking about.


This would also constitute why I know the awfulness will not stop short of whole populations going postal on their governments. NOTHING else is big enough to halt the march of capital. Global enlightenment would do it, but, who ever said I was completely insensible to reälpolitik?

love, 99


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