24 February 2011

here's yer sign

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Each and every one of those nonprofit "progressive" sites that fly up in response to constitutional crises and election fraud and gun control and financial meltdown and torture and illegal wars and toxic planet and wilderness preservation and wildlife preservation and forest preservation and water preservation and feeding starving people and treating AIDS in Africa and watershed reparations and you goddam name it are going for THIS. This is what they are about.

Sean Penn recently came out and quite nearly said as much... trying manfully to get the point across without sounding like a foaming conspiracy theorist bliss ninny lefty... and HE would know... in case you are skeptical of my bona fides in this matter.

WHAT does it take to open people's eyes that they can't simply throw money at things? That this world is up to us?

A cast iron frying pan upside the head?

Wait! Wait! I have one of those!


They make it so damn easy for us to be ignorant—and we snatch at that chance, it being such a relief from the constant pressure from fear and outrage and unease and opprobrium and struggle to get from outta bed in the morning to back into it at night.

And I do mean whether they are progressives or arch conservatives.

LISTEN to her. The only way to get power is to take responsibility.

No excuses.


There actually is one good organization to support. Can't accuse Watson of just paycheck-mongering, and then playing dirty politics to increase it instead of performing on your trust. I wish we had a couple billion more like him.

love, 99

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