24 February 2011

it's not that i don't know how fantastic you must find it

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I was mulling the possibility of emailing the Fitts interview to my mother in my wish, despite all, to help spare her even more discomfort. Everything they were talking about is perfectly true, but I know already that it will sound like a couple raving lunatics to my mother. So my good faith attempt to help keep her safe would turn into nothing more than making her yet more suspicious of my sanity. That's the big rub for anyone who would, out of love, attempt to make it more difficult for you to be ignorant. People don't take it well. In fact, they hate it. It's threatening as hell to them, even when it is borne on the wings of 100% unconditional love, the stuff of heaven.

Nossirreebob. It's Beelzebub. It's pure badness and contrarian to the core.

So, honestly, you could view my frequent offerings of wild and crazy things on which to practice opening your mental cell as treats, as the entertaining way to grow, as a sort of arch clown school exercise, where you get all the wild mental images as though you were reading a good novel and little escape hatches start appearing all over the claustrophobia of your daily grind, the tomb you lug around with you from place to place... that walking around dead person problem we have....

My mother is impervious. And imperious as only an eighty-year-old can be inside such imperviousness, but you? Well, now, you are a different story. You can sneak peeks without ever having to cop to it one way or another... very safely investigate... no worries of some upstart daughter getting one over on you... maybe stumble into one of those escape hatches and find yourself suddenly breathing again... no witnesses....


Late night bad news, or maybe good news, motivation-wise:
Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly took the first significant action on their plan to strip collective bargaining rights from most public workers, abruptly passing the measure early Friday morning before sleep-deprived Democrats realized what was happening.

The vote ended three straight days of punishing debate in the Assembly. But the political standoff over the bill — and the monumental protests at the state Capitol against it — appear far from over.

The Assembly's vote sent the bill on to the Senate, but minority Democrats in that house have fled to Illinois to prevent a vote. No one knows when they will return from hiding. Republicans who control the chamber sent state troopers out looking for them at their homes on Thursday, but they turned up nothing.
This is definitely déjà vu all over again, tactics-wise. Every time Republicans are in control, Democrats have to flee... which is fitting as hell because, honestly, they all ought to have to flee... and, now, maybe, in Wisconsin anyway, that's what will happen.

love, 99


  1. Well, I have in the past. I probably will in the future. At least a little. So, thanks for the link, man.

  2. Well you should be in the street banging pots and pans like a human, not sitting behind your tube. See you on the corner.

    Winne's message-Clicktivism is losing the policy war, all the way to the city gov'ment level.

  3. Well, that's my message too... and all the farms here raise EASTER LILIES. The food policy war seems to be that if you don't "Monsanto", you are scum who wants people to starve, that the GMO crops are the only way to FEED everyone... except, of course, only half of us or so are EATING... minor detail... we can't SEE them....

  4. GMO crops are the cheap/profitable way to consolidate control the food supply. If you can't remove the profit you can't fix the problem.

    Fucking Obama '08 bumper-stickers on trustapharian Subarus at the farmers market, egad. Makes me want to burn down a Taco Bell, everyday for a month. Soon I feel I won't have anything left to lose.

  5. I know that feeling! Whenever I pass them on the street, I want death rays to come from my eyes or the headlights on my car, vaporize them. I would LOVE fast food places if they served FOOD... and... weren't so cheesy. There is a place in the Bay Area called High Tech Burrito, where you can get lightning-fast actual food that's delicious... but... yes... it's the trustafarians who do most of the enjoying of it.


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