19 February 2011

the house i'm sitting in right now

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Is located on the side of this mountain, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The weather hairdos on the teevee are all saying to beware of black ice. If yer not from here, you probably have no clue how Martian that warning really sounds. Snow on Mt. Tam has become a semi-regular event in recent years, but the first time it happened in my lifetime was on my 17th birthday and everyone was amazed and flummoxed and raving about such a downright weird thing. It didn't happen again for another twenty years or so. Now it happens at least once in most years. I might not start to head north again until tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be better and I won't have to worry about suddenly sailing off into thin air for no discernible reason.

This is all coming after nearly a month of gorgeous, springlike weather, which came on the heels of nearly a month of the North Pole sitting on Northern California. So. If it isn't our alien ancestors fuckin' with our heads, or one of the space lizards' stupid high tech warfare tests gone awry, Global Weirding is definitely upon us. I think maybe most people have not seen all the way into the term "anthropogenic" here, and I think most people don't realize that merely being able to cite stats in support of our having caused it seriously, seriously, seriously doesn't make it so. We can state with 100% accuracy and 0% chance of error that humans have turned paradise into shit holes across the globe. We have made an horrific mess of entirely too much and should not just stop doing that but begin cleaning it up—with NO excuses—with no further delay. NO excuses. That you can't get to work without the gas to feed your car is NOT an excuse, let alone that the oil companies would lose their business.

Don't give me any shit about realpolitik or my airy fairy idealism or how-do-I-propose-we-eat, ad nauseam, because the TRUTH is: All that has to be compensated for instead of perpetuated. Not "eventually". Not "it's a process". It has to happen immediately. No excuses. Whether we can't stop the climate or we can. Whether we're going extinct or we're not. Whether we wear white hats or black, pink jerseys or blue. Whether every business goes bust or society turns immediately into people helping each other get safely from birth to death. No matter what. No excuses.

love, 99


  1. Off topic...but...


  2. Would that everyone were out carrying "One World One Pain" signs....

  3. 99,
    Yep...some are contented because they make just enough to get through the week...and the oligarchs tell them how 'fortunate' they are.

    Sound asleep is more like it...

  4. Snow comes to many weird parts of California every twenty years or so.

    I've seen it in the high desert in the 80's and seen it in Sacramento since then.

    Have a snowball fight.
    Enjoy it!


  5. I'm staying in because I start getting chilblains on my fingers and toes when it drops down even to the low fifties nowadays. I gotta nestle them in acres of socks and gloves when it's cold out now. Pisses me off big time, but it's part of my autoimmune thyroid gig. I'm not packed for playing in the snow.

  6. A week ago - record highs in the upper 70's.
    This morning snow below 1200 feet just east of Sacto in Auburn & Cameron park, 47 degrees here now.

  7. It was 37 degrees here yesterday and 44 right now.


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