19 February 2011


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The Zionists are at it again.
But for another thing — notice that date: 11,000 years old. If this is correct, we’re looking at something old enough that, as the article linked points out, was built at the time humanity was supposedly just transitioning from being hunter-gatherers to agricultural. Such a tower near the ancient ruins of Jericho, however, is another little monkey wrench thrown into the works of that academic model. This date would place it around 9,000 BC, that is to say, roughly during the same time period as the date proposed by Dr. Robert Schoch and John Anthony West for the re-dating of the Sphinx.
Either looking for the proof of their chosentude or to hide the evidence that it was another population altogether, I suppose.... :-P


Oh, and, uh, why am I not surprised?

love, 99

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