24 February 2011

i was poking my nose out the window to look for snow

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While trying to catch up on the Keiser Reports I missed while off to family and friends, when instead of snow I spied a most rotund little bird of transcendent hoppitude hopping with the utmost in springiness all over my yard. Still, springy or not, he had to be too fat to fly. While contemplating this problem in aerodynamics I was thoroughly enjoying Max and Stacy's banter here, but the Palast interview NAILED me. A number of things are going on here. While I keep waiting for it to dawn on them that not only are all these fraudulent instruments, etc, about which they endlessly complain, based on thin air, but so is the exchange more traditionally considered worth something. These are VERY smart people, but they're not grasping that there is no such thing as actual worth in any exchange system, that none of it is based on actuality, that just as we called the whole mess into being, we can zap it out of being, with no loss whatever. But I digress.

Max interviews Palast here. Palast fries Max's synapses. I honestly believe EVEN Max Keiser was SO flummoxed by what Palast was saying to him that he could not come back with any measure of his famedly-snappy ripostes. Must see TV.


Today's Keiser Report is also good to hear. It puts a rather fine point on my thing about social media and manufacturing the appearance of consensus... and you get to hear Glenn Greenwald talking about the bullshit surrounding WikiLeaks.

love, 99

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