24 February 2011

ye have always been many and they have always been few

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We are shirking our way back to this. I was going to say we are working our way back to it, and there are many ways that applies, especially since shirking this hard is much more arduous than work, but, well, now, I guess I've gone with both. The ONLY reason you work this hard to shirk your very human being itself is because you dread physical harm, dread the angry glare of the space lizards who nowadays maybe don't care what your position is on the matter of Mary's virginity, but are quite near to burning you at the stake for impeding their hypnodrome with shit like 9/11 Truth or defying the TSA. So you need to THINK about your status as a walking dead human, realize there are fates worse than death and you're in one.


You know, I don't think I ever mentioned how pissed it made me to keep hearing and reading hairdos and commentators speaking of Egyptians having lost their fear, quite as though these hairdos and commentators didn't have at least as much fear to lose.

It's a fucking emergency that they lose it, but not even staring it in the face gets that through to them.

love, 99

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