12 February 2011

i wish max would lay off joking about the edge

[click image]


He can bash the snot out of Bono and Geldoff. They, like, soooo deserve it, but unless I'm gravely mistaken, all The Edge has ever done is play fantastic guitar.


I think I'm going to die of not finding the nineteen-minute version of With Or Without You that's mostly The Edge. Bono actually shuts up for most of that. I'm beginning to think 86 looped the guitar on that tape he made for me or something. I never find it. I think it would be best if Bono just hummed softly and let The Edge do it.

love, 99


  1. Man. On the one hand, I am so glad the CCC is such a bear, but on the other, we're talkin' Malibu, which looks like crap already, and on another is really stupid because of the fires that rage through there regularly, and on another would be a lesson in stewardship the neighbors don't want to heed, and on another they don't mention if paving the fire roads up to the sites will be better or worse for the barely existent ecosystem, but really, truly now, in the end, after the CCC has made it look as bloody thoroughgoing and rigorous and adversarial as possible, the plans will be approved... and the enviros can then demand it of everyone building and rebuilding in the Malibu hills.


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