12 February 2011

count olaf keeps popping into my head whenever i think of this

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Don't ask me to explain myself. Either you see it or you don't.

Old Uncle Dave left the Lendman linky about the scene in Egypt, which I think you should read from start to finish, but I lifted the bits I found most salient for us to consider:
— universal rights weren't specified nor were free and fair elections defined; Washington won't tolerate either anywhere, including at home ...

As part of Washington's Greater Middle East Project, [Obama's real agenda] includes neutralizing opponents, securing unchallengeable imperial control, preventing democracy, rigging elections to assure it, militarizing the region strategically, exploiting its resources and populations, orchestrating events covertly, and deciding how and when they play out.

In Egypt and throughout the region, they look similar to US-orchestrated color revolutions in Serbia (the 1990s prototype), Georgia (Rose), Ukraine (Orange), Myanmar (Saffron), Tibet (Crimson), Iran (Green), and currently perhaps Tunisia (Jasmine), and elsewhere in the Middle East, color-coded or not.

They all have a common thread: what the Pentagon calls "full spectrum dominance" for total global, space, sub-surface and information control. Whether it succeeds, however, remains uncertain given America's declining world influence and stature, including on Cairo streets. ...

— for sure no democracy according to Reuters quoting a National Security Council participant saying:

"What the US isn't saying publicly is that it's putting its power behind (Egypt's) generals. The goal is to stack the deck in favor of the status quo — a scenario that removes Mubarak, yet is otherwise more about continuity than change."

In other words, Obama's "orderly transition democracy," substitutes rhetoric for constructive change neither he nor others in Washington will tolerate. As a result, people power faces imperial Washington and Egypt's military, united against populist change. ...

Allied with Washington, the Pentagon and US intelligence, [Egypt's military] supports power, not populist change, a dark reality street protesters better grasp to know what's coming from a post-Mubarak regime. Unless challenged, promised reforms will leave entrenched policies in place, enforcing predatory capitalism with police state harshness, what Americans also endure under friendly-face leaders.
Lendman advises the people of Egypt not to just pack up and go home, but to see this through to avoid being nailed. Yes. They'll have to lose many thousands more or rally many millions more before Washington backs off.

There is NO doubt about that.


It seems at least some protestors are not done, but the army is sure trying to make them be done... and people have been cleaning up as though it's done... and partying as though it's done....

love, 99


  1. I totally LOVE that picture. I'd've used it but it would have taken me a long time to get it to blow up enough for here and it tends to make it look as though Olaf is the one who's lost patience instead of me losing patience with Olaftude pervading our government....

    I adore that image!

  2. Actually, the MAIN Olaf is Hillary. I'm thinking of calling her "Count Olaf" from now on... but not completely decided yet, since it so befits just about everyone in an official capacity in our country.


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