12 February 2011

really handy scathing report

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Made short work of Musharraf's big plans to retake Pakistan's presidency.
A United Nations panel looking into Bhutto's assassination concluded that Pakistan's military-led former government failed to adequately protect her and that intelligence agencies hindered the subsequent investigation.

The panel's scathing report in April 2010 said the suicide bombing that killed Bhutto "could have been prevented" and that police deliberately failed to pursue an effective investigation into the killings. But Musharraf's government has said Bhutto had been afforded adequate protection.

Musharraf's legal adviser told CNN that Musharraf has not appeared before the court because the accusations against him are baseless and politically motivated.
Which, of course, was the reason for making the scathing report to begin with.

Not, mind you, that I think Musharraf's any good for Pakistan, like it's any of my business.... It's just that I keep being reminded lately of Bill Clinton saying that:
without term limits, he would have stayed in the job "until I was carried away in a coffin, or defeated in an election."
Truly, every population in every country ought to think hard about proscribing anyone who wants the job from getting it. There should be panels to pick worthy candidates and draft them. No campaigning. Just make every scrap of available information and insight into the candidates' qualifications and character available to the public and then elect them on that basis. If they pout and don't do their jobs once elected, shoot them and start over. When they grow to love the job this much, and won't step down, shoot them and start over.

I'm probably being just a hair too vivid about my impatience with this shit, but, well, that's my cookie crumbling.

love, 99

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