26 February 2011

i'm gonna do some practical stuff now

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I am going bathe myself somehow. I am going to the store before it's obsolete. I am going to dress warmly once I am clean enough to merit the work it takes to put on so many layers. It's sunny out there with an icy breeze. These are usually the most beautiful days, but the cognitive dissonance of it being so sunny and yet so cold usually ruins it because you just have not put on the definitive bit of warmness to stay out in it.

Peggy gave me some certified organic lavender & black pepper detoxifyingcalming handmade soap from skinnyskinny for my birthday. Doesn't that sound like THE soap for me? Yes. Yes it so damn does. This 100% carbon neutral company wraps their products in old glossy magazine pages, and then a label of recycled paper and soy inks goes around that. Ultimately correct soap. In the perfect mode for everything that ails me. So I'm going to pretend I'm taking a bath in my not-a-tub with it and then, of course, use the shower to get something actually accomplished. After that will come the multiplicity of sweaters and leggings and socks. Then, oh, yes, then, I think this is a three-feather day. Once I'm home from the store and post office and whatever else, I will see about looking harder into the tubes for more to amaze, appall and/or amuse you.

love, 99

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