26 February 2011

don't tell me, because i'm not looking, but i bet they're using it

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George has the jump on it, man. Don't go there.
Don't let Wisconsin divide us.

Conservatives and liberals actually agree about the most important things.

In fact, most Americans — conservatives and liberals — are fed up with both of the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties, because it has become obvious that both parties serve Wall Street and the military-industrial complex at the expense of most Americans.

In reality, all Americans — conservatives and liberals:

— Want to break up the unholy alliance between big government and big banks
— Want to break up the giant banks
— Agree that the Wall Street criminals who committed fraud should be thrown in jail
— Agree that the Federal Reserve should be audited
— Are against corporate socialism
— Are against rampant inequality
— Want to stand up to the ruling class
— And are against unnecessary imperial wars

The powers-that-be try to divide us and demonize the "other side" so that we won't realize how much we all agree on.

Don't let them.
He gives a few million links, as usual, to back up his claim. And here I am to back up his claim as well. Don't be a dolt! Don't let them get us raging Hatfields against McCoys again. We're starting to wake up, some of us, and—be a goddam true human now for once—we all need to be fighting them, not each other. It is NOT only Republican Fascists doing this! What was that bullshit about the Republicans pulling off the vote in the Wisconsin Assembly before the Democrats were awake enough to tell the debate had suddenly turned into a vote? HORSESHIT. They are desperate for us to fight each other and not them. And they would be, because THEY are the ones doing the filthy stuff for which everyone should be breaking crockery over their heads.

Go over and read George's links if you need more convincing. He's nicer. I'm just screaming for you take your head out of your ass and stop being a jackass, or worse. Do NOT even mention to me what "progressive" blogs are making of this shit. THEY are AS guilty as the Koch brothers. PERIOD. Don't give me any lip. Just, PLEASE, make some space for sense and then let the sense in, and let's talk how we ALL deal with it.

love, 99

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