25 February 2011

ruppert's 2005 seattle lecture

[click image, video, nearly two hours]


I have been ducking around, looking at things I don't usually look at, trying to keep the headache back there on the verge of hurting, instead of coming back out to blow my brains out again, and some guy who bills himself as a "progressive" and is quite clearly madder than anything you ever saw on FOX had a Ruppert video embedded and I used it to click outta that dolt's paranoid shtick... which then put me onto one of those endless playlists... from which I chose to pick just this one thing... because I know some of you are quite partial to him. I'm ambivalent. I love a bunch of it, but another bunch of it worries me. Maybe this time it will be better.

In any case, he's definitely in the survivalist mode nowadays, and adamantly so.

I dunno. Every time I look at the news it seems that way to me too.

Further contemplation aids: Oil, Smoke and Mirrors and ZERO and Truth Frequency's NWO Marathon....

love, 99

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