22 February 2011

many hours

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It seems they've been busy uploading more interviews while I've been driving all over creation and ending up in the trees, stuffed full of fabulous cooking and about to drop. Just from making the playlist for us, I can tell he's talking about much the same things as always. I can almost finish his sentences for him now, but I still pick up bits and slices of marvelous things to contemplate from this guy, no matter how wild he gets. He has something essential about being that cannot be taught. It has to be seen and listening to people who have seen can help, but it... heh... oh, yes, clearly cannot be taught. If there were a way, you would be chained to something heavy right now until you got it through your thick skull. Take that to the bank. But, in truth, frustrating as I find it, it is better that you must see for yourself. You wouldn't be any good at it if someone had to chain you down and not let you go till you got the point.

So maybe just listening to Michael raving in the background while yer doin' yer ironing or baking a cake or fixing yer car or whatever—if you do it enough—remembering not to judge about the crazy stuff—some phrase will catch your inner ear and a whole new kind of attention will come over you. Suddenly you will have gotten the point of why that daffy old broad keeps linking up hours of him here.

There's more to life than this. Do you know there is equally as much inside your skin as outside it? Do you know your skin is no barrier? Do you have the remotest idea of the richness and the beauty and the intensely emotionally elevating livingness you are COMPLETELY missing out on while you are hypnotized? If you ever catch a glimpse you will kick yerself in the ass really hard—laughing and crying—but you won't look back. I'm trying to get you to stop watching that spinning pinwheel, that swinging watch on its fob, that air painting of the world that clouds your true sight and stuffs acres of cotton in your ears, as you think you hear just fine. One little glimmer. Then the requisite attention will come naturally.

love, 99


  1. Here we go...

    A California lawmaker has introduced controversial legislation to roll back collective bargaining rights for state workers, saying he was inspired by the nationally-watched labor drama playing out in Wisconsin.


  2. Let's call the whole thing off.

    I can't take it. Uncle. That's it! Uncle.

    Murphy's Law should not be running the universe.

  3. 99 Are you waiting for the torches and pitchforks?

    "Koch Companies Public Sector LLC occupies a seventh-floor suite at 10 E. Doty St. According to an unidentified tenant there, the lobbying group moved in two weeks before Walker was elected governor on November 2"


    Live stream to Madison WI.


  4. Dougeeeeeeeee, darling, have I told you lately how much I love you?

    I do! I do!

    I am SO hoping this is the revolution at last!!!!! I don't even care who starts it, or even who finishes it, so long as it happens... so long as we get out there and ACTIVELY work to make this stop.

  5. I hope so too.


  6. I think you spend too much time at RawStory, but I'm VERY happy about this stuff.

  7. Ya, but that is where it is being covered.

  8. I guess I should be glad it's being covered somewhere... and I'm hoping they're going to stop having a choice pretty soon....

    Of course, tonight is optimism night for me.... Lotsa good food and drink and company and my computer problems cleared up and my transcendental new mouse........


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