21 February 2011

part of why i'm pulling my attention away from the tubes

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In national politics, it's all Hatfield vs. McCoy, and everyone doing a new iteration of fighting this endless battle is literally fiddling while Rome burns. It doesn't address what's wrong, clearly cannot, and we stay blind to it anyway... because walking like an Egyptian is completely off our radar. It is something brown people do in backward countries.

In international affairs, the same machine that needs retiring here is never not at work in any aspect of any country's political affairs. There probably isn't a country on the globe wherein there are no black ops from the controllers. I'd call them "American" if I thought it really was "America" behind this stuff. It's only American insofar as our might is what they use... but there is a distinction to be made there.
An American jailed in Pakistan for the fatal shooting of two armed men was secretly working for the CIA and scouting a neighborhood when he was arrested, a disclosure likely to further frustrate U.S. government efforts to free the man and strain relations between two countries partnered in a fragile alliance in the [covert drive to take over the world].
Last night Mr. North linked this video that is mostly an imam talking back in 2003, with an intro of the Kissinger lizard talking about the scene in Egypt in the last few weeks. If you have time, there are some interesting points in it, things that apply. It's pretty much aimed at blaming Zionists for everything, which even if wrong still has a rightness about it, and the cabal of sociopaths who really call the shots do seem at least to have the greater "glory" of Israel always in mind. I think we can say that much for sure, but I also think a lot of people give "Israel" and "Zionists" and "Jews" too much "credit" for their dirty deeds. If that's where it keeps pointing, that's what someone desires you to think.

And, while you've been sticking your nose in the air about my doctoral work around here, I've been learning plenty that applies to who this cabal might be and what's their end game. We don't any of us KNOW, but, truly now, some of us are better at the tea leaves because we don't let our heads get molded into contortions by the bombardment of expert inputs to keep us in line, to keep us hypnotized.

I've noticed that people don't have such a hard time seeing the nefarious forces at work behind the scenes in uprisings and demonstrations and revolutions in other countries, but are utterly blind to it in their own. The hypnosis would be the culprit. It takes a LOT of work on oneself to just be able to poke your head out of that quicksand, let alone leap out and experience complete freedom of movement again, but dammit dammit dammittalltoheckandback, that IS what it takes. You can say you love the planet and the creatures on it and want the best for us all, but that doesn't cut it. It's not even what you do next that cuts it. That's still theater, still what I call "air painting". It's still just expression that works only on the mental impressions of you unleashed on the public and reality has not budged a jot. You're still a coward whose own life and concerns are more important to you than the world's liberation from abjection to fiends. The emergence from this comes when you stop doing and perform.

An example of this is the maniac who gets on a boat and harries the Japanese whalers slaughtering full time every year down near Antarctica. He has not stood on ceremony. He doesn't act right. His morals are always in question. The Japanese fleet packed up and went home a month early this year. No matter what has been put into your head about Watson or his character, or what you may perceive as his real motive, he has sworn it is saving those whales from the Japanese, and he is not merely floating that boat down there. He's performing on his intention. He has saved whales and may yet succeed in stopping Japan altogether.

It's the same way with saving the world from the sociopaths. EVERYTHING you say or "do" against them is UTTERLY unthreatening to them. Even if the masses get out of their control once roused to the streets, they get their control back on the other end, if indeed you could say they ever lost it. It's all in place around the globe. No place they aren't and we are. So it takes a revolution of consciousness before you can have a revolution that overthrows them.

I don't know why you won't go there. There is actually no other worthy activity anywhere. But that's nailed down too! Hardly anybody minds not being engaged in worthy activity. That's been turned into something everyone thinks is the goal.

love, 99


  1. re Davis

  2. Yes. Well. Like I say. This is why I'm not so big on keeping up with this crap anymore. We have little armies of guys just like him. And the "oleaginous" Kerry and the "reprehensible" Count Olaf Clinton and the fucking filthy-ass suave shit with the chocolate complexion who thinks there is no lie big enough to stump his style. Doesn't MATTER! No matter HOW embarrassing our representation, they keep getting away with this crap, even when they have NOT gotten away with it, they STILL get away with it. Nobody MAKES it stop. It barely merits tsking about by now.


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