13 February 2011

no, really, i ♡ you....

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There are spots in all these hours that are so deeply satisfying, it makes me want to go set rocks in a certain little ceremonial pattern. Do one of my little earth meditations. Maybe build one of my miniature bonfires with blades of dry grass and itsy twigs. Something that absorbing. In one or the other of the latter in the alchemy/social engineering section—actually, I think the latest, number seven—they are talking about education and saying things with which I so deeply, and necessarily secretly, identify, it sounds like karma petting me with dharma. It strikes me that it's the same old problem. I'm on another planet, or from one.

But there are CLUES in there that can mean the difference between life and death to you, so if you still won't listen, at least try to remember there have been clues laying around you did not pick up.

I'm gonna try not to post too much for a few days, but... well... we'll see how that goes....

love, 99

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