13 February 2011

only place walking like an egyptian will do any good is ...

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... HERE.

None of the other revolutions stand an ice cube's chance in hell until we do it.... Maybe we're all toast anyway... but it's long past time we stopped letting precious people be slaughtered while we sit on our fat American asses.


Mayhap they're experimenting to avoid WWIII by simply running the propaganda at full throttle. I mean, give me a break. Bolivians turning on Evo over SUGAR prices? I don't think so. Neither do you. But the handbook states you can get mobs of starving people to rise up anywhere and against anyone for the mere investment of a couple bucks. The return on that couple bucks is too pornographic to mention in polite society.

NOBODY'S going to bring down our dollar because they're being forced to import our inflation at the point of our military's might. So their people will so much the more easily and cheaply be turned against them. No sense in bringing on a nuclear conflagration when you are perfectly capable of starving people into complying with your imperial prerogatives and doing all the killing and dying for you right there where they live. It's sort of like lounging in bed, lazily fooling with the remote control.

They WANT you to think America is losing influence in the world. And you think it because you want it. It isn't true.

love, 99


  1. Fuck, on two counts it seems. On Egypt, and on the ad thing at Raw Story. I have gone from a young girl who loved being right to an old woman who hates it. :o[


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