09 February 2011


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The struggle for existence continues.
Egyptian labour unions have gone on a nationwide strike, adding momentum to pro-democracy demonstrations in Cairo and other cities. ...

The government seems to be scrambling under pressure from major powers and pro-democracy supporters, Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reported from the city.

She said people in Tahrir Square were angered by a visit from Tamer Hosni, a famous Arab pop star, on Wednesday morning.

Hosni previously made statements telling the demonstrators to leave the square, saying that Mubarak had offered them concessions. "His comments really did not go down very well," our correspondent said. The crowd reacted angrily and the military had to intervene to keep them away from him.
Even as the most they can hope for is a temporary illusion of existing, they persist....

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  1. NBC is reporting Mubarak will step down tonight and hand power over to the CIA's rendition/torture point man.

  2. Don't forget you heard it here first!

  3. I think that was the plan when Mubarak made the appointment.


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