09 February 2011

dueling jackasses

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Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy had a good thing going, going out and interviewing all the best proponents of Out There and uploading the result to YouTube. They got very popular, very quickly for providing this service. Then, and I think this is due to Bill dumping Kerry for a much more interesting woman in Europe, their team split and all manner of nastiness ensued in Outer Outer Blogistan. They began competing for the most eyeprints on their individual stuff. Bill was winning, hands down, even letting Kerry spin her wheels on any number of whackos, but then he decided to top himself with his "Charles" and "The Rulers of the World" thing. This inflamed Kerry's already pyrotechnic ire and she has retaliated with this "White Hats" shit.

They have formally cancelled each other out, and we can only hope some grownups—more interested in chronicling the work of alternative scholars, researchers, historians, physicists, et al., than squabbling over whose world view obtains or who sleeps with who—take up delivering the goods while these two war themselves into blissful oblivion.

If one's purpose is really popularity instead of enlightening being—no matter how many flowery and altruistic-sounding speeches one makes—it shows up soon enough, eh?

love, 99

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