16 March 2011


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Whilst watching the video at the very bottom of the linked post I finally had my aha moment about just how HAARP could, in fact, be responsible for creating earthquakes and worsening storms... if not maybe creating those too. I have been basing most of my willingness to pay attention to the controversy on the fact that Hugo Chavez and others of similar stature also have been convinced of it, but now I get how it can happen. So I recommend the few moments the video takes out of your day as definitely worthwhile.

There are other startling things on that page, but that one stuck out for me.


Also, as a reminder to feed heads, I very frequently update posts willy nilly and can't seem to help myself. So lots of things you got on the feed, whatever feed you use, including the Blogger Following one, is only going to give you the first bit, or maybe what bits have hit the feed by the time you've clicked in on it, and NOT any of the updates and additions. I guess this should be a reminder for everyone who comes straight in off a bookmark or Google, too. You should scroll down over stuff you've already seen once in a while to see if I've tacked on more blather or riveting bits.

For instance, last night I ended up coming up with all kinds of ugly factoids that are extremely important to your state of general knowledge and preparedness relative to what's becoming known as the Nuclear Quake. This morning I was reminded that half that evacuation radius around Fukushima is OCEAN... tides... TIDES.... If I can track down a good way to get you that audio, I will add it here or here. I might add anything here. You shouldn't just trust that my first burst is going to be it. This just seems to be the way I bake. If you don't mind me half-baked, then carry on....

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  1. I mentioned Fulford the other day. He says "The next target will be the New Madrid fault line in the South-Western United States, according to threats originating from the Nazi George Bush Senior faction of the U.S. government."

    Thing is, the new madrid fault zone is in Missouri, not the southwestern US.

  2. Well, I just heard someone saying the Japan meltdowns will poison the Atlantic and the guy interviewing waited a few moments to see if he'd correct himself, before suggesting he meant the Pacific. The guy was all flustered for having misspoken so egregiously while coming off as an expert. Lots of times I get my east and west and right and left... and up and down... skewed in my brain. I have days where, depending on the hour, it's any one of seven different days of the week, as far as I'm concerned. So. It was probably THAT.

    Plus. HAARP's harmonics fuck with our brains.... ;o]

  3. Jesus. Who IS this Fulford maniac? Massive typos and OUTRAGEOUS posts. I mean, just at a moment's inspection it seems the guy is the victim of a RADICALLY disorganized mind... at the least.

  4. Jim Berkland says quake coming to North America next week.

  5. Fulford is the guy in the video you suggested watching, "the video at the very bottom of the linked post "

  6. Oh! THAT would explain why his name sounded so familiar to me! Well, he was very, very clear in the video anyway... the rest of the time, maybe not so much... but I only spent maybe a minute, at the most, scanning his page, so I could just need more coffee.

  7. Uh oh! Fulford may be on to something.
    Remember how FEMA was conducting an "exercise" on 9/11 that "went live?" Same thing happened to the Brits on 7/7.
    This coming 5/11, HomSec is conducting an exercise "will simulate the catastrophic nature of a major earthquake in the central United States region of the New Madrid Seismic Zone"

  8. Jim Berkland says quake coming to North America next week.

    Last night at one of the discussion threads at godlike productions they were taking about this. One of the commenters posted a list of Jim's predictions for June 2010:


    As previously mentioned, the Seismic Window of June 12-19, 2010 will include the new Moon syzygy of June 12th. Perigee will follow in three days and the combination will produce 8.1-ft. tides at the Golden Gate every day from June 13 to 15, the greatest tidal ranges in three months. With 80% confidence, expect the following quakes:

    (1) 3.5-6.5M within 2-degrees of Mt. Diablo (Lat 37.9N; Lon. 121.9W)

    (2) 3.5-6.5M within 2-degrees of Los Angeles (34.0N; 118.0W)

    (3) 3.5-6.5M with an epicentral address of Washington or Oregon.

    (4) 7.0+M major quake globally, most likely in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

    Lo and Behold I also found the exact same predictions for Jan 2005:


    Based upon these extreme tidal forces I am predicting with 85% confidence, for the Super Seismic Window of January 08-15, 2005:

    1. Within two-degrees (140 miles) of Mt. Diablo(about 38N; 122W), at least one quake of 3.5-6.5M;
    2. Within 140 miles of Los Angeles (34N; 118W) at least one quake of 3.5-6.5M.
    3. In the Northwestern U.S.A. and having an Oregon or Washington address, at least one quake of 3.0-6.0M.
    4. Globally, I expect one or more major quakes of 7.0-9.0M.

  9. OUD -- Good link! And it's not just Fulford on the HAARP quakes thing by any stretch. MANY... and now beginning to include ME.

    BB2 -- Yes, good catch, I snapped off the video of him and his predicting because it seemed too flaky. I think he's operating off the broken clock still being right twice a day prediction theory.

  10. Fulford says the Japan quake was caused by a haarp earthquake machine in Nevada or New Mexico.

    This guy claims to have found it on google earth.

  11. That guy's obviously joking. Being a smartass. I get that shit all the time when checking the radar loop. And the radar has to emit from SOMEWHERE... seems obvious to me it's in the middle of each zone... as so there would be a dish or two or ten wherever those middles of the zones are... a grid of radar stations to bring us our weather reports.


    This totally sucks because THEN people divide into camps where they like the personality of a particular researcher or investigator or alternative scholar, whatever you want to call them, and factions build up, and the PTB love it because it's their "divide and rule" prime directive on auto pilot!

    So. If the guy was being sarcastic, fuck him. If he was being genuine, he's still on his learning curve.

  12. From another source...

    Gregory Jaczko, head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, also said at a House energy and commerce subcommittee hearing that the spent fuel pool at Japan's troubled number four reactor has no water.

    "There is no water in the spent fuel pool and we believe that radiation levels are extremely high, which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures," Jaczko said.

    When asked later by a lawmaker on the panel to further clarify his remarks, Jaczko said: "We believe at this point that unit four may have lost a significant inventory, if not lost all, of its water."

    He added that there is also the possibility of a crack in the spent fuel pool in reactor three "which could lead to a lost of water in that pool."

    While the NRC has 11 agency experts in Tokyo monitoring the situation, Jaczko stressed that the NRC's information "is limited" in what is happening at the nuclear power plant.

    He said that radiation levels around the nuclear power plant may give emergency workers "lethal doses" of radiation, preventing them from getting near the plant.

  13. You know what, BB2? I think I've gone back to being more irked by all the mainstream reportage than informed by it. I was rallying there for a while last night when I started finding stuff that more closely conformed with the observables, but I saw it get ripped out from under my eyeballs again, and see that today we're back to UTTER blather... ESPECIALLY as concerns the silence on the matter of the holy antiterrorism fuel MOX and the fact that #3 was full of it, that #3 blew sky high days ago, that #3 continues to emit white smoke/steam, that #3 is CLEARLY melted down. Bully for them finally opening their yaps about the horrors at #4 and the rest, but they are virtually SILENT on #3.

    BECAUSE that's their sacred cow. That's the "answer" to nuclear arms reduction AND the glut of DU.

    I'm trying not to run out searching for someone to kill... to slit open and start slinging their guts in every direction. It's NOT very Zen.

  14. There are three weather radar installations in Nevada, Reno, Elko, and Las Vegas. None of them are near the spot that guy found the dishes.

  15. Well, then, it could have been not weather radar, but for some other use... like protecting a missile silo... OR he stumbled upon something HAARP-related and he was being genuine and had an actual bit of useful information....


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