29 March 2011

barackhenten's creed: take a long time to dazzle 'em with your bullshit

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Spectacularly late assessment of the blowout... and "lessons learned". I don't know if I can stand to read it. Truly. The decimation of any vestige of sense or good faith action is complete everywhere you turn. This cannot be any actual deviation from that, now can it?

love, 99


  1. • State and local elected officials used their offices to influence the decisionmaking processes
    of the response organization.
    • As a result of external political pressure, many strategic and operational objectives were
    modified or developed to address political concerns.

    Do ya think?! [Page 75]

  2. Yes, see? I knew you'd have the stamina for it. Thank you. Let me know when you get to the part where the Coast Guard insists it will rebel if this shit doesn't stop, will you?

  3. I must have missed that part...


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