04 March 2011

going against my grain

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As you know, I have extremely little respect for this man, but many people out there who I do kind of respect seem to like him, and I'm forced to look at the fact that my main criterion in these matters, and not likely to be shared by that many others, is how they do or do not arc toward enlightenment. I am extremely displeased with his incessant declarations of his important expertise and status as a teacher and mythographer, etc., whatever, it seems, he most wants in relation with his interlocutors. This is a stark sign of charlatanism and can only be excused to an extent in people dealing with the weird, wanting it taken seriously. I do excuse it in Joseph Farrell and in Michael Tsarion, but that is because they do it in service of the material and not themselves, and they don't dwell on it this way. It's not an obvious ego trip, even when they're being petulant about it. I way so seriously don't get that from John Lash doing it. Still, this is a pretty interesting interview and might be of help to some people.

I'm also not happy about how hard he disses Christianity, all Abrahamic religions, even though I have little time for them, and even though I pretty much agree with a lot of what he says. I don't approve of blanketly bashing them so hard, DESPITE their vicious and grisly history... and present and maybe future. He's barely a step above the Dawkins/Hitchens, or "Ditchkins" approach to them, which is ignoble, counter-productive incitement to endless polemics. The divide and conquer shtick that so pleases the controllers and upsets the masses.

Anyway, I'm relenting for the moment to link you to a good conversation with John Lash. I think it has everything to do with Henrik Palmgren, who's nobody's fool, doing the interviewing and Lash knowing he's not dirt ignorant on the subject matter.

I just want to remind you again that anyone spending so much energy stressing their teachertude, isn't a teacher of anything you want to learn. It's nakedly apparent here, but not as obnoxious as any of the other interviews I've tried to endure. This is the first one I've actually made it all the way through without snapping it off in a snit.

love, 99

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