04 March 2011

propping up the governments

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Will Secretary of State Britney Spears be making a formal apology for this someday?
An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms senior agent assigned to the Phoenix office in 2010, Dodson's job is to stop gun trafficking across the border. Instead, he says he was ordered to sit by and watch it happen.

Investigators call the tactic letting guns "walk." In this case, walking into the hands of criminals who would use them in Mexico and the United States.

Dodson's bosses say that never happened. Now, he's risking his job to go public.

"I'm boots on the ground in Phoenix, telling you we've been doing it every day since I've been here," he said. "Here I am. Tell me I didn't do the things that I did. Tell me you didn't order me to do the things I did. Tell me it didn't happen. Now you have a name on it. You have a face to put with it. Here I am. Someone now, tell me it didn't happen."

Agent Dodson and other sources say the gun walking strategy was approved all the way up to the Justice Department. The idea was to see where the guns ended up, build a big case and take down a cartel. And it was all kept secret from Mexico.
I ended up never getting all the way into the House of Death case a few years ago because the people who had most of the evidence were insisting the real scandal was the racism of it all. After many hours slogging through a heavily redacted version of a report, only to be told there was a far less inscrutable version extant for anyone who wanted to take it on in a serious way, I get this racism blather from the holders of the real goods. I had been working on it in a migraine-inducingly serious way. I was pissed to find someone was holding vastly better documentation but reserving it for people willing to cry racism and ignore all that conspiracy theory stuff.

I might have been forced to work with total crap, but even handicapped I was convinced that it was a lot worse than merely a racist DHS/DoJ. It was clearly coming from the top. I did not want to spend any more migraines dealing with a bunch of academics in a snit about how we treat brown people. I can only take jackasses for so long before I start slapping them. So I bailed. They'll be citing this as racist too no doubt.

It still fries me because a bunch of wet hens had their mitts on that case, made a complete quagmire out of it, and nobody evil was even impeded for a nanosecond by it. I had no control over the material I would need to use, but a total jackass did, and was setting the terms, utterly sanguine in the justice of such an attitude. Hypnotized. Never snapping out of it. A dead man, with an email address. I didn't kill him again. I let him "live". I just got in an ice-filled not-a-tub and didn't get out for a week.

What's CBS doing on it? They are on it to hold it up next to Ruby Ridge and Waco, etc., we're supposed to freak out about it. Actually, though, we're supposed to STOP it... not just suddenly turn from the takedown of Gaddafi to make a little trip to speak with Felipe Calderón on the same day this was being released to the public... and then, pft. Has this been splashed all over Groupthink and I'm just blissfully unaware? Or what?

love, 99


  1. Great tune from my favorite Takes me back to the days of getting together with the boys to watch Miami Vice and root for the smugglers. :)

    Here's the official video of it, with Glen Frey's scenes.

    And here's the entire episode:

  2. I was living in Auburn, wearing my silk t-shirts, and Dior pantsuit, with my grungiest sneakers out to the clubs. People kept saying I looked like Sonny Crocket's girlfriend. I loved the music the most on that show. I loved Olmos in it, too. I thought Crocket and Tubbs were easy on the eyes, but not fabulous actors. Olmos was always the best actor in it, and the music.

  3. I had that "look" before Crocket did, too.

    Don't forget THAT part.

  4. yes, olmos was far and away the best actor on Miami Vice. He won two emmy awards and two golden globes for his portrayal of Lt. Castillo.

  5. I got to have a delightful, if short, conversation with him by a swimming pool in LA one evening, when it was cut off by the drunken apocalypse who had to be removed immediately... by me. He seemed a truly nice man. He'd gone out into the back yard to get away from the party, just as I had, and he felt good out there with me.


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