03 March 2011

it seems inconceivable that any of them can be left alive

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I try very hard to hang with the notion that no one, not even the space lizards, needs killing in order to straighten things out, being as obtusely against killing and harming as I have been for my entire life, and well before taking up with the ancients, but enough is too much already. The POINT is to completely and permanently disempower sociopaths. What do you imagine can accomplish that?

The whole hope of Americans finally rising up looks to maybe be trying to kick in. I'm not gonna get het-up about it... yet... but I find myself really bugged about the supplicant head space of the protests out there. Everybody on both sides is trying to retain the government's status on the hierarchy. How idiotic is that? People can say "of, by and for The People" till they're blue in the face, but that has NO effect on reality. The reality is: This is NO way of, by and for The People, in the execution by government OR in the deference to it by protestors. Maybe you should look at it from the "demonstration" angle. What you are doing is DEMONSTRATING your displeasure, ASSERTING your right to dictate to the government its imperatives. As it is, government takes its orders from a coterie of oligarchs, tells you what its mandate is, ignores even your most vivid displays of disagreement, and you continually end up following THEIR rules and not OURS. They are NOT going to permit you to be effective. You have to take their ability to dictate away from them.

ARE they going to just decide to give you back your power because you get noisy and underfoot? Or are they going to do something to placate that out of their hair and then continue as they have been all along? LOOK.

love, 99


  1. I got to say 99, if I am grasping what Tsarion is saying, I'm not entirely convinced Americans (without any occult knowledge, and indeed filled with the fake shit of Hollywood) are going to get it. Not one bit. Remember I talked about that catch 22 thing with the dead-ender religion. They can't read outside their church's approved reading list without burning in fire and brimstone.

    I think though, you should try to relax a bit. It isn't you and your car being stopped for this. So there's no need to start training your mind to kill yet. Stick to your no killing mantra, and let others who have killed be the judge for now.

    I believe it's more like the awakening Max Kaiser says, Why the hell aren't you protesting at the federal reserve. This fits in perfect with what I said about the Whitehouse being a building which has outlived it's useful life. It's too small for the media, it's infested with ghosts. Same as the torture prisons. DEAD BUILDINGS. They ought be torn down, and something new built to replace them.

    WB7 at ZH has the right idea. ATTACK THEIR FUCKING SYMBOLS.


  2. Or just learn them and don't go for it.



  4. I don't want to piss them off! I want to STOP them.

  5. I'm hoarse from bellowing at people to turn off their TVs. They tell me they don't need to, they can see the bullshit, and then they come here with some bullshit they just got off the TV to tune me up with and I have to try hard not to electrify their keyboards....

  6. Oh, Okay, I get it. Might I be permitted to tune you up just a little?

    Your article here, which is a good one mind you, is doing what differently from those you condemn as bs off a tv? Get what I am saying?

    I hear you, roadblocks for FAGS is an outrage, but both you an I are in California. If perhaps we have someone in the UK we are trying to support with our OWN MEDIA then I can see the argument, but since it isn't actually happening here, I'm not sure what your so scared about.

    (Mind you it pissed me off too)

    I do however agree with you that I myself say, I have no need to turn off the tv as I can filter it, but the reality is LATELY I HAVE HAD TO TURN THE FUCKR OFF CAUSE IT SO COUNTERS WHAT MY KNOWLEDGE IS.

    I also now have to boycott some magazines. They cover partial science and come to conclusions.

    I got mind fucked with a magazine called HOW DOES IT WORK. (or something like thaT)
    In this ONE MAGAZINE...

    Contrails, explains the carbon, oxygen, hdrogen interaction with COLD, but says nothing about SPRAYING.

    H2O CARS, mentions hippo vehicle in an interesting timeline, but skips Stanley Meyers VW.

    HIEROGLYPHS - Talk about pointless single simple sigels in Egypt + Rosetta stone, but obviously I am tearing that shit apart via my own teachings about talismans, omens and portents + Tsarion Even TODAY. (Now you know why I got to watch it all again!)

    Don't fight me 99, FIGHT THEIR FUCKING SYMBOLS. I beg you.


  7. It's all the same controllers and if it's happening in Britain, it won't be long till it's happening here, AND rarely am I only identifying as an American. I'm almost always identifying as a human, a citizen of Planet Earth.

    I see yer point about what here is any different than what people get off TV or radio or magazines or whatever. One crucial difference is that you are not getting mindfucked here, no matter how badly I bungle what I'm trying to say. My blog is not yammering in the background while yer fixing dinner. You don't hear sound bites from my blog coming out the mouths of strangers you overhear in public. It isn't blasting out the radio of passing cars. No headlines you can't completely blot out.

    It's just INSANE how much bullshit the media pump you with, EVEN when you don't pay any attention to it, or EVEN when you think you're just being entertained. At my blog, also, I bother to strip shit of the mindfuck or mention that there's mindfuck in something I'm quoting.

    This symbolism thing you and Michael are on about doesn't make enough sense to me yet. It's one of the sticking points for me, one of the things he insists upon that I have to just leave open for eventually becoming convinced one way or the other, and do because he's so right on about so much else, but I don't see how symbolism hurts anyone. I see how it riles those who understand it, but I don't see how it harms those who do not understand it.

    I'm talkin' JUST the symbolism, NOT all the crap they do behind it. They can do the crap with or without it, or maybe they have to have it because they really are this freaky sociopath cult that has to do everything with it, but the only way symbol literacy seems to be of any value is to be able to prove to oneself that they ARE one sociopathic cult... which indicates to me that we do NOT want to fight it. We should encourage it! But, as I say, I do not understand it yet, so maybe it needs fighting... probably not.

    I don't want to fight you or them. I want to STOP them. You should be in BED. Or, put on some drugstore cheaters, or at LEAST enlarge the text on your browser window.

  8. okay start with this book. PLEASE.
    I had this book stolen from me but it didn't matter cause I was already on the path, doing the "great work."

    Mine was a red covered book, but it's long gone now--destroyed by the catholic church.
    (I am not kidding you)



  9. Oh yeah, you'll note that GAVIN and YVONNE FROST are also my TEACHERS from the 1980's. That class I was talking about.

    Or maybe you won't notice.


  10. Thanks for the tip. I might have to resort to it if I can't figure out how they, just the symbols, not the people using them, do harm.


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