03 March 2011

yeah, no worries, world

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I think it's just another bunch of statisticians....
If things continue as they are we may be at the beginning of the sixth [mass extinction], a group of biologists and paleontologists suggest in a cautionary paper in Wednesday's edition of the journal Nature.

But they also signal that the threat is at such an early stage, with so many questions yet to be answered, that there's hope for avoiding this outcome.
They've been the bane of my existence, anyway.

love, 99


  1. Ah yes, you've caught a picture of the goings-on under my bedroom window last night - 3 separate times!

    Now you just need a photo of the commotion going on with the dogs in my bedroom.


    At least the water bed is gone and the wonderful new pillowtop mattress yeilds nearly instantaneous sleep!

    (Scored $1100 mattress for $390 with the help of coupons etc that Libby got when she bought new appliances at Sears. Mattress on sale at 50% off, 10% more off with Libby's coupon plus another $110 off with her customer appreciation coupon - it was only good on mattresses and she had already got a new one recently.)

  2. USA Today, sheesh. I think National Geographic covered this a few years ago. Nice tunes.

    BB2 gets a big ol' trucker honk for that deal. BBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRNNRT. Truck load sale, BABY!

  3. Awesome! The one nice thing about ending up here is they left a brand new ultra-cool mattress here. It ruined my furnishing plans, but it's so damn comfortable I quickly ceased caring.

    Your life should get a lot better really quickly.


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