14 March 2011

i've got a big problem here

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I must find a way to get it through everyone's heads. The piece at the image link is must see video, and you should pay PARTICULAR attention to the discussion that starts at minute seven, about the GOES satellite anomalies on 9/11. That is monster new evidence in support of Judy Wood's work. But this isn't exactly the problem I need to discuss, need to spit out clearly enough that it smacks you in your third eye and stays there.

Those of you who have been coming here a while know I'm completely gone for Bill Hicks posthumously because of his

It's just a choice.
Right now.
Between fear.
And love.

Never has it been stated so well in all human history. The problem is no one understands the level of COURAGE involved in love, the love he meant, the love he showed. I'm irked with this video for showing the vast herds of sheep hitting the streets of late to accomplish what amounts to absolutely bubkes. This is hard to talk about when you know how much heart it took for those people to get out in the streets. You might think it's easy for me, believing I identify with the contrarian role, love to be irascible about things, am never satisfied with all those ass hats who hide behind the old pen is mightier than the sword trope, scream about the capitalist shits with their nonprofits and clicktivism sites, bellow about the venality of groupthink, curse and knock things over about you and your motherfucking TV ... but I don't enjoy it. I don't identify with it. It is not my preferred mode of interaction. It is supremely difficult to sustain anything like a positive mood while engaging in this, but I have this thing about truth. I have spent decades learning how to cut down to it from inside, and it appears it's taking me another number of decades learning how to communicate it, but if you think I'm just grouchy, or a harridan by nature, you are dead wrong. You don't GET that love is not all flowers and candy. You don't get the size and power of it.

It's cosmic. Not personal.

You are not it; it actually is you.

You are blinded by the existential terror that has been conditioned into us all. You are leaping for the opportunity to go out and not get shot down by the riot police the controllers have decided is the best way to handle our natural objection to being ripped off, terrorized, enslaved and bombed to mist in our sleep. They're almost coming right out and telling you to do this... bring your tractor. As long as you are reasonably sure you won't be physically harmed you might actually get off your fat ass and join the protests. Look at the mobs who protest all the G8, G20, G92+365, Davos, IMF, World Bank meetings! We've been doing that for DECADES. What's changed?

Oh, oh, Mubarak stepped down. BFD. Egypt can feign people power now. They'll change the dictatorship into something that looks softer on paper. It'll be the same in Tunisia. The best it will be anywhere is theater fronting for change. But the loss of life in protest is much less if you agree to see this theater as reality, as freedom. It won't ever BE any such a thing, but if you will see it that way, they won't kill you... until it suits them to kill you another way.


That's not love. That's delusion. They know you will pick a happy delusion over risky truth any day of the week and they know you NEED it right now. So the Governor of Wisconsin endures your circus and proceeds with his agenda as though you were not there. YOU are the one who needs to ignore him, ignore all the crap laws and regulations, and build our real world into something the planet can endure. You are omitting that part. You cannot EVER accomplish this by using the rules and/or the permission from the sociopaths as your means. Mubarak will be replaced by someone who will be made as amenable to the controllers' wishes if he is not already down with them. Anyone recalled for their perfidies in Wisconsin will be replaced by others likewise amenable... either from word go or from intimidation. It is a minor inconvenience and it ends up actually working in their favor to allow you to flex your muscles this way betimes.

Love is when you get out there with your whole family, from newborns to codgers and physically pluck the offenders from their offices, whether you are met with a hail of bullets or the cops all drop their guns in the face of the gorgeous little children skipping around them. You could absorb the violence rather than perpetrate it. THAT is true nonviolence. But THIS is NOT. This is pusillanimity. This is theater. This is fucked up. This is NOT "change". It is capitulation. It is the process of consent to enslavement.

You are NOT supplicants. They are NOT in charge. They have taken charge because you are afraid to stop them. You delude yourself that you've voted them in and so must hang with what they've wrought. IT'S AN HALLUCINATION. You know it's not right, you just can't get over your existential terror long enough to FIX it.

LOVE is the kind of courage you saw in Gladiator and Braveheart. You went batshit crazy for those two movies because of this ONE thing. The point is: It is vital to forever you get and keep that exact level of courage. You do NOT go apply for mercy on your tractor. You do not amass like a convention of sheep coming to auction. You do NOT waste days and weeks and months getting it done. You go out your door with the intent of stopping the harm immediately or dying in the effort. Gandhi HATED cowards. He was at pains to state that anyone too weak to walk smilingly into a hail of bullets had better fight for all he was worth. Gandhi would have stroked out to watch you tweeting madly between slogan chants.


love, 99

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