14 March 2011

you KNOW the russians are telling you the truth

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You KNOW it. But you don't do anything about it. No matter how goofy/awful Gaddafi is, and he is, you KNOW we are being pumped with outright lies by our own government and media about this.
The world is a transitory abode,
not a permanent abode.
And the people in it
are of two sorts:
one who sells his soul
and ruins it,
and one who ransoms his soul
and frees it.
I implore you, look in. Letting this pass is selling out.

love, 99


  1. Everybody lies.
    - House M.D.

  2. More sage programming from the tv....

  3. All governments lie.
    - I.F. Stone

  4. He was right about THAT, but I think he would have added, "except when it serves them to tell the truth."


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