25 March 2011

last night in out there

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I am listening later, rather than sooner, because of the commercials problem.


If you prefer to stick to more sober issues, perhaps you would like to go back and meditate on the anthrax attacks travesties. I am wanting to post this for everyone here, not because of the subject as much as the man's horror at our national volitional blindness. That part has been getting on my nerves something awful lately and my pressure of speech would be at least as high as his if given the opportunity to hold forth on it in public.

love, 99


  1. I listened to this episode the night it aired while at work. Hoagland brings some interesting notions to the table regarding Japans' current situation.

    The Hopi (pun intended) changey stuff about Obama left me wanting him to be wrong though. Obamas' smug mug hurts my eyes so much I want him to be evil lol. I don't think I could stand it if he turned out to be one of the good guys.

    The eugenics part of the show gave me the creeps. When that caller talked about his father witnessing the partial results of Nazi experiments, kids with feathers , wolf heads etc... Fuck me!

  2. I'm pretty much right with you on all that. I think there is little chance that Obama is really a good guy.

    [1] Hoagland came out hard for Obama and making all kinds of grandiose statements about how great he was going to be for the space program, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and he has worked his way around, at last, after struggling hard for at least a year, to a speculation attached to his latest fabulous story and tries to put paid to it by invoking Mayan approval. The Mayans may have been suffering the same way the Nobel Committee was suffering... and leave us not forget most natives thought Cortez was the prophesied pale brother, greeted him warmly. They aren't infallible.

    [2] Even supposing there is some basis to believe we are fighting the rogues with the torsion weapons, instead of just abjectly doing their bidding, he's still slaughtering people wholesale. "Our" side would be under NO injunction not to tell, not EVEN with the horseshit about not panicking people, and anyone not evil would explain before slaughtering people along lay lines to keep their megaliths from falling into the wrong hands. Nope. Not buying it for a minute.

    [3] Hoagland wants DESPERATELY to woo insiders into defecting and I think he's trying to sugar them with the notion that they can be perceived as heroes. I really, really think that is why he said all that...


    He's off his rocker. Dirt senile.

    I believe him about the un-irradiation thing, but can't find the video he says is on YouTube.

    Ingo Swann talked about "traveling" to a site like that Nazi experiment bunker thing mentioned, and was too upset by it to talk about it except in the broadest outlines.

  3. I believe him about the un-irradiation thing, but can't find the video he says is on YouTube.

    Here's the Patterson Power Cell Hoagland was talking about. It doesn't show the radiation eradication he mentioned, perhaps he was only referring to the cell itself that's on youtube.

    I have played around with hydrogen power cells myself and have actually built one from plans I bought from an inventor in Washington State.

    After completion I installed it in my old 1999 Ford Explorer. I went from 16 miles per gallon to 21 miles per gallon instantly.

    I have had conversations with the inventor of the power cell I bought the plans from and he has stated that he has successfully eliminated nuclear waste using the same science the power cell uses. He's also told me that he has been under enormous pressure from various entities to stfu!

    I still have to make a few modifications to the cell I built, but it will have to wait until I'm finished the projects I have on the go atm. Things like ....

    Etc... lol

  4. OMFG!


    I'm nearly DEAD of needing them!

    Thanks for the link. I've been thinking out loud about Hoagland's space wars for the past little while and may post my blather on the matter here on this thread, goofy as it's sounding.

  5. I guess what I'm saying is that none of the guys laying down the bedrock for the Nazi development of torsion weapons, postulating a stateless Nazi entity, will get NEAR the most rational conclusion; to wit: It ISN'T stateless. It is US. Paperclip is out in the open. There isn't any thread of evidence that whatever operators they had in South America weren't wooed here, once we realized what they had, and became part and parcel of the black ops either at NASA or like they have at NASA. That explains perfectly why the trail has gone cold, why nobody can find any installations to fit the bill on the planet. Instead, they say it's probably "out there somewhere". Maybe on Mars or the other side of the moon or maybe just orbiting. They won't touch the notion that it's HERE with a ten-foot pole.

    I mean, they ARE stateless in the sense that they do not come under any governance of the United States, but enjoy the full run of all our assets, and these guys seem to think the Norway Spiral and certain quakes and sink holes and drilling blowouts and the WTC are all evidence that it's NOT "us", that they're Nazis "out there somewhere" who are trying to coerce us into... into... what? WHAT would they be fighting over? World domination?

    Are they basing this on Jewish Bankers against Nazi International? Is that right? And if that's the case, which side are the good guys? I mean, it's darn clear the Nazis turned on the people who set them up in business, but we still hate Nazis because they were going for world domination. Well the bankers are going for that! And sl

    I wish I could go to the shindig in Amsterdam and find out.

    In ANY case, the failure to use this physics for the good of mankind and the planet, at THIS point, no matter HOW dangerous, is psychotic... to be following secretly an ancient technology to use only as weapons is truly space lizard mentality, no matter WHICH side of this hypothetical war one is on.

    But, think about it, if there are Space Nazis at war with Space Lizards, is it not possible we've gotten the whole WWII story backassward? That maybe Hitler was convinced the Jews were the anti-human hybrid psychopaths trying to enslave mankind? That he meant by "Aryan" what Tsarion means by it, and also meant by "Judite" what Tsarion means by it? That it isn't humans against humans? It's one ET hybrid against another? WTF?

    Am I nearing my doctorate yet?

  6. Am I nearing my doctorate yet?

    I think we'll all get one sooner than later. It's no fun having a graduation party all by yourself :p

    I think the Nazis' were trying to become the new Annunaki(sp). Why were they in such a tizzy to get into Egypt and steal the ancient artifacts and records? Were they trying to build a slave race like the the Annunaki supposedly did?

    Seems like the banksters have the same agenda.

    Forbidden fruit syndrome?

  7. Well, I think the hypothesis is they made a first race of slaves who were too smart, and moved away [the Lemurians] and then a second [the Adams and Eves] who were just smart enough to obey... until the first came to try to convince the second, their cousins, that they were slaves and shouldn't do it, and it was mostly only the Eves who believed them. [Lemurians probably having been handsome devils, on top of smart and independent... devastating combo....] Mankind, hybrids all, wrested itself from their makers, condemned to fare for ourselves... and/or there was a great war between the Anunnaki and the Lemurians that drove the few surviving aliens into hiding... except everyone's an alien, in whole or in part. Whoever were our earthly ancestors were stamped out.

    Akhenaten, the psychopath pharaoh, aka Moses, a sun cultist, a monotheist, pissed off his minions SO badly that he was driven out of Egypt. Whereupon he took his act North and started slaughtering Druids—the first Aryans, who had scattered their wisdom across the whole known world—wholesale, he and/or his descendants, cobbling together a fabric of lies and half-truths to make the Bible and to enforce it on the people in a drive for world domination.

    Tsarion keeps insisting ALL the Abrahamic religions are of the same ilk, that at the top, they are not religions, but one power elite, of world-domination-obsessed hybrids who try to keep their bloodlines heavy to the space alien genes... which accounts for their sociopathy.

    In a nutshell.... I'm thinking the Lemurians made a bad mistake. Should have left those Eves and their loutish brothers to their own devices

  8. Hitler was confused. He thought "Aryan" was a race, when it simply meant "wise one". The Druids were the bearers of truth. Ireland was Aryland....


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