25 March 2011

why bother?

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They would almost certainly call him Prime Minister Ignatz, or Ignats, and he would almost certainly deserve it, no?

And when it comes to jackass political acumen, we do not have the corner on that either.
Boredom is the Conservatives ally, nobody is going to pick change when they see more of the same. The Liberals need a spark, and that can come with a outside the box policy, an edgy ad that challenges conventions, unique ways to connect.

I will be looking for creativity, a sense that the brand is being reinvigorated using new techniques and strategies. I want to see the Liberals use social media provocatively, I'd love to see Ignatieff actually use twitter, on the road, beyond stale messaging for example. I want to see ads that don't resemble every ad I've ever seen for the last decade, the feel, the message, the music, the blah! Not reckless, but modern, push the boundaries, do things that make people actually stop for a second and say "I like that, that's different". If left to established templates, standard operating procedures, I think we will fail to capture people's imaginations, and given the odds at hand, that equates to a less than optimal result.
Now, there's the measure of a true prime minister.


I have waited some hours to see if my declaration of media preposterousness snapped any of them out of their tizzies, and the answer to that is a big fat nope.

love, 99

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