25 March 2011

preposterous — it just keeps getting more preposterous

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I keep trying to look at it with an eye to post something you might want to know about, but [1] it just struck me today that I have to go to some ancient reading glasses to replace my faltering computer glasses so I can actually see what is on my screen; and [2] this has not made any of it seem less preposterous to me. This, you will agree, is saying something. I'm up for the preposterous. I'm going for a doctorate in it, in fact. But I don't care how out there I've ever managed to follow in this whole endeavor, it doesn't come up to the preposterousness of the news wires over the last few weeks. It didn't before, but they threw us in a cosmic washing machine two weeks ago, and we have gotten nowhere near the rinse cycle yet.

I used to dye stained old white things some pleasing color instead of immediately consigning them to the dustbin of history. When there was a lot of it, I'd use the washing machine for this task. It involved continually resetting the agitate cycle so that it kept agitating for an hour before letting it proceed through it's normal cycles. This is like that.

Maybe this doesn't make as much sense to you as I think it should because I've noticed over the course of my life that my brain activity assumes patterns, patterns of motion. I could feel my brain working like a crossword grid while in my crossword puzzle compulsion phase. Klondike. My brain loves the Klondike solitaire pattern, and it's big on mahjongg too. Its most preferred mode is definitely ocean, but the worst, the one that bullhorns T-R-O-U-B-L-E is the washing machine agitate cycle motion. Everybody run when that happens.

And if you don't, I can make you, without even touching you.

This is the motion the news wires are causing in my brain right now.

love, 99

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