08 March 2011

a link to pure propaganda that bears good news for iran

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I only link this piece of crap news item to show that Rafsanjani has been brought down. If you go scrub around in all my agonizing over the uprising in Iran a couple years ago, you will find me coming to the realization that Mousavi, Karoubi, and Rafsanjani were all darn clearly in the pockets of Western interests and so were the biggest threats to the Iranian people. I didn't know this could be done, it is well that it's been done.

If you read the Reuters piece without knowing a great deal about Iran or its recent history, you're fucked. You might think toppling its regime would be righteous. You would be wrong.

I do not like theocracy. I couldn't live under it for a day. The people if Iran CHOSE it... OVERWHELMINGLY in 1979, and thirty years later confirmed the choice, again overwhelmingly... except for a small, but very loud contingent in North Tehran. It was turned into an international incident by those wishing to produce another complete overthrow of the will of the people—this time in green—as was done in Ukraine with the Orange Revolution, and in Georgia with the Rose Revolution.

I'm not going to fight about this anymore. All three of the worst threats to the vast majority of Iranians are now removed from the ability to keep subverting the people from the inside.

love, 99

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