08 March 2011

my efforts to understand my brothers and sisters

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Recognizing the evil of partisan allegiances, and realizing the need to deprogram myself, to drop my default assumptions and really look at things as they are, not as my conditioning bids me see them, has brought me to something like the understanding for which I set out to begin with. I highly recommend it.

I couldn't understand why people I thought were otherwise SO intelligent could be so belligerently against people stumping for clean energy and sustainable living. At length I saw it was an obsession with preventing more exploitation by the controllers that was the genesis of this seemingly suicidal position.

Yesterday, I got an email linking me to a video of an old Alex Jones show. I didn't watch the whole thing because it appears to be just Alex and his guest going over the same bit of information that should, in a perfect world, only take five or ten minutes to make perfectly crystal clear, but took them some two hours. So I imagine you could only watch the first half hour or so and get the point. The point is: Doesn't matter how good it sounds. Anything, anything, anything brought up by our movers and shakers is or will be sculpted into the means to loot our economies, turn everything we do into the means to fatten the parasites and enslave us. The news imparted in that video, no matter how long it takes you to get their point, explains perfectly why these maniacs are RIGHT and us lucid old liberals are WRONG.

I mean, I think, herein lies the key to our problems with the names we call things, that problem with some of us calling it fascism and others calling it socialism. I didn't fathom what they meant by "socialism" and they don't fathom what I mean by "fascism". We're all screaming about the same thing. 100% of the fight is the politics of lifestyle divide and rule strategy working perfectly.

love, 99

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  1. I did watch the whole thing, and at the end or somewhere in there (I agree way too long) there were solutions suggested. Personally I'd like to see it updated to 2011. But like they said, as the time goes on, the CAFR's get smaller and smaller, in other words more and more corrupted and hidden.



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